Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aari embroidery- How to..,

Hello embroidery angels,
    This is my very first blog. And i hope i have chosen a good topic.

     I plan to make my article little professional, so i go in good steps.
     1)History and samples
     2)The Aari stitch
     3)How to make aari stitch
     4)Types of stitches can be made in Aari
Aari embroidery:
   Aari embriodery has it own fantastic history.Though iam not a good expert in history, i love to share the things i know on this topic with u. Well, this is an art form dating  mughal period, i suppose. And it is done by a hook called tambour hook, which resembles a crochet needle in structure almost. And the familiar i see in this work are the own Kashmiri designs, delicate and intricate ones.
    I love to add some more interesting thing s on this late....
    Let me show u some samples of Aari embroidery in this page!


  1. Hai sri its nice to see ur blog.I too love craft.I wont to learn the aari work.Waiting from u more posts.

  2. Hi VineelaSiva,
    Wow, nice to get a follower, first one,,you will be in my history:),,,iam a friendly person,,
    All abouts of aari embroidery, will be ready in few days,,,please check,,,iam a lover of cooking too,,we can share recipes,,,

  3. Hi Sri,
    Welcom to the blogging world. Nice start..
    Looking for more of your aari works and tutorials. All the best...


  4. Hi Sri.I love Aari embroidery.It lkooks good .Keep posting.

  5. Hi sri! Good job.. we are waiting for more details and tutorial.. Thanks in advance.. Gayathri

  6. Hi Sri,
    what about u, no post from these past two years. I love Aari embroidery. Its a very good job.Plz we are waiting for your post

  7. Sorry guys, will post from this month on,,,cant reason for these years,,,