Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hi All ! Aari embroidery classes coimbatore !

Hi All,
Hope you are fine with love and light !
I was busy with my projects and designing, Iam currently writing a surprise for all Aari lovers out in the world of creativity !!!
Yes, it is the biggest surprise that i can give you !
And also with requests and advice of many of my followers and Aari friends,
I am going to start direct Aari training workshops and classes @ Coimbatore, Tamil nadu.
Iam on facebook at the Aari embroidery classes coimbatore,
Please like my page and about my class,
I teach you to make your first Aari stitch in the first five minutes ! I will open the secrets and good deifinition !
And also i will display best creativity in my magazine too !

Friday, January 16, 2015

A hoop crochet american beaded earrings !

I made this crochetted earrings, those who know basic crochet ds and adding beads to the thread, can just follow this and make a wonderful one for yourself ! Sai jian !(means good bye in chinese)

My crochet jhumkas !

Lately i took a break from Arhi embroidery and was doing crochetted earings !

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How are you ?

Dear Readers and followers,
Its been long since i made a great post here, lately i was undergoing a good vacation of hobby, just changed from aari to crochetting and sewing,.. And the things i made are little and beautiful, i will be posting the pics by today,.. And hope you all are doing great, and sold many of the crochetted items too. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Your quetions and suggestions welcome !


How are you all? I am fine, just having a hectic time at work. That is why iam unable to publish my ebooks last two months, i will put them any time soon.
Meanwhile i guess i need your help,
I made few previous attempts to share the aari embroidery works of my viewers, i received the designs with a note that they think it is not perfect enough to be published :( Well that happens many times,
All right o, how about you keep asking me your doubts on Aari embroidery and any arts and fashion, fashion cadd and sewing,.. You can ask on anything(on these subjects)
And i will answer i detail(no hidden facts, i will answer for free on these fashion and art questions) and will ublish with the name of the dear who asked me that question,
Is it okkk?
And i have ethnic surprise ? Guess what ? .. 
Will come up with that in next post,,
Cheers until then :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Dear viewers,
Please write to me in any of your arhi embroidery needs, I am not blogging frequently as i am busy at this season, soon i will post you the books here,
Meanwhile some of you have written to me that the link of the work is working just one time and cant save as such.
The links works everytime, for those whose links are not working try the refresh button at the browser address line, so you will be set !
For those who cant save, just make a print !

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sorry to keep you waiting !


Hi Friends,
Hope everyone has gained a few pounds tasting the yummy delicacies, coz i do !
Yes, thanks for the good reviews on my blog there, individual thanks to everyone shining hands that are out encouraging me.
And i am sorry this month magazine will be delayed, so you receive twin magazine by next month.
Few have enquired on the Arhi frame, i will post the proffesional frame pic and price soon, so your can be dealt quick.
Great days and so nice times to come. May all your wishes be fulfilled.
Love You all.